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Managing non-medical projects
for caregivers and
legally authorized adults.

A Family Hand Can:

  • Allow you to do what's most important by handling details for you
  • Reduce your stress by getting these tasks off your shoulders
  • Save you money and make your life easier by doing the work in the most cost efficient way
  • Enable caring children to enjoy their parents
  • Help protect against abuse and fraud

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A letter from Carolyn

Dear Friends,

I know that facing the twilight years of a loved one is difficult in so many ways. During a time when our deepest desire is to cherish our remaining moments on this earth with our loved one, there is so much paperwork, projects, and arrangements that must be made. Not everyone is able to put their life on hold to help a family member. Some can't because of distance, others because of a busy life of their own.  A Family Hand supports busy people including retirees, career driven, new parents, overworked, and overwhelmed, or anyone who needs a family hand to help with his or her tasks.

I want to serve you during this difficult time. A Family Hand can come alongside and be the 'quarterback' that manages, coordinates, and provides the necessary assistance for a family member. While I specialize in assisting Power of Attorneys perform their responsibilities, I'm equally willing to provide assistance to anyone who needs help managing the non-medical details of a complex life!


Carolyn Wayland,
MSW-Administration, CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)

Certified Senior Advisor

Contact Carolyn

Cell: 804-405-3693


"Carolyn's attention to detail has been a great relief for all of us. She really understands what we need."
- Pam of Massachusetts.

"Carolyn has been a life-saver to me and my mother. I can relax knowing that Carolyn has taken care of the whole checklist."
- Jane of Virginia, POA

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