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About Carolyn Wayland

Carolyn with Mom
Carolyn with Mom
  • Received CSA designation from the Society of Senior Advisors in 2012
  • MSW in Leadership / Administration
  • Career in Personnel and Financial Management: Administrator of several businesses for herself and others
  • Power of Attorney and Executor for the estate of Warren H. Kinne in NC
  • Taught Mathematics to middle and high school students
  • Developed home businesses - Dental Directions; Wayland's Window Treatments
  • Managed home as homemaker and wife
  • Coordinated home education of daughter
  • Married Keith Wayland, 1977
Carolyn with Dad
Carolyn with Dad

Carolyn has an MSW in leadership/administration and spent many years as a finance executive and operations manager for a busy dental practice. She then spent a season coordinating the home education of her daughter, specializing in teaching mathematics. At the same time she developed a home business. She has run several successful businesses for herself and others. Her expertise in final stage planning was developed as her three parents were in their last seasons of life during the past 5 years. She was the Power of Attorney and Executor for her dad and stepmother, handling complicated interstate settlements.

Carolyn finds her most rewarding moments come when she is building teams and mentoring as well as when she develops creative solutions to challenging situations. Through A Family Hand she contributes that expertise to people who want wonderful lives despite limitations or complications caused by busy lifestyles, aging parents or geographic distances between loved ones.

Certified Senior Advisor