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Carolyn's Services

Home and Property Management

Home and Property Management

  • Facilitate Home Improvement Projects
  • Contract Management
  • Decorate and Sew
  • Manage Moving Logistics
  • Run Errands: Deliver Documents, Secure Supplies, and Pickup Dry Cleaning
  • Shop and Oversee Deliveries
  • Coordinate Pet Care, Grooming, and Walking
  • Organize and Reduce Clutter
  • Sell or Donate Unwanted Possessions
  • Supervise Repairs and Installation
  • Accept Deliveries
  • Secure Yard and Grounds
  • Research the Web and Consumer Reports
Senior Life Planning

Senior Life Planning

  • Coordinate Routine Visits, Calls, or Check-ins
  • Coordinate Travel: Ticket Purchasing, Packing, and Logistics
  • Plan Social Events: Birthdays, Holidays, and Family Visits
  • Navigate the Maze of Finding Doctors, Lawyers, and CPA’s
  • Manage Moving: Downsizing, Sorting, Staging, Decorating, Rearranging, and Interior/Exterior Painting
  • Coordinate Transportation for Vacation, Doctors Appointments, Sports, and Shopping
  • Store and/or Disconnect Automobile
  • Assist with Choosing Facility or Independent Retirement Arrangement
Paperwork Administration

Paperwork Administration

  • Organize Bills and Legal Documents
  • Manage Insurance Claims
  • Assist with Private, Medicare, and Veteran Concerns
  • Maintain Your Calendar
  • Pay Bills
  • Schedule Professional Appointments
  • Assist with Correspondence: Purchasing Stamps, Personalized Notes, Thank You Notes, Holiday Cards, RSVPs, and Invitations
  • Balance Checkbook
  • Prepare Bills for Signature
  • Help to Eliminate Confusion with Cellphones, Computers, and Email
  • Resolve Payment and Junk Mail Issues