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"Carolyn has been a life-saver to me and my mother.  I can relax knowing that Carolyn has taken care of the whole checklist." - Jane of Virginia, POA

"We all feel comfortable with Carolyn.  When she started work for us, she immediately took the pressure off." 
- Marly of Ohio

"Carolyn’s attention to detail has been a great relief for all of us.  She really understands what we need." 
- Pam of Massachusetts

"After dropping almost everything  to visit my out of town mother and mother in law as their health declined and then died within one month of each other,  I was exhausted. I hired Carolyn to help put my life back in order so that I could return to things I enjoy most: friends and grandchildren!   Carolyn helped by organizing bills, filing, running errands, and making inquiries on issues which had been neglected.  Ultimately she helped me redecorate, making numerous trips hunting swatches and wallpaper samples, and advocating on my behalf at many stores.  When the time came she secured  subs to wallpaper, paint, and sew slipcovers.  In the process she sewed and installed gorgeous window treatments. Carolyn's services are an invaluable help.  Her advocacy saved me a great deal of time and endless headaches.   She can cheerfully and creatively do almost anything.  It is a great relief to know I can call her at any time to do whatever I need." - Terry  of Goochland, VA

"I am thrilled and VERY grateful for her involvement.  I'm in awe of God's work in this and marvel at how He is blessing us in a BIG way in this development." - Sue Ann of Maryland

"Carolyn is perfect for the job. The fact that she is like a sister to all of us has never compromised her unbiased input. She is able to look at the whole situation from the perspective of what is good for Mom, and not prioritize our individual interests.  She is also a good person to talk with confidentially, and that is good, too." - Craig of Virginia

"Carolyn has been a God-send—literally!  When I was faced with the unexpected situation of my father’s hospitalization 2,200 miles away, I had very little idea of what to do, so I called Carolyn for advice.  Within five minutes she had found and given me the website of an in-home care service in my father’s location, and had also walked me through what I needed to consider for his ongoing care.  As a result of Carolyn’s practical help and encouragement, I felt much better prepared to face what awaited me when I traveled to visit my father."

"In addition, Carolyn has given me useful tools and direction as I evaluate the course of action we will need to take when my father requires more than in-home care. She has provided a list of several facilities nearby, in the event that we bring him to live near us."

"The most important thing Carolyn has given me is a resource.  It is a tremendous comfort to me that I can count on her knowledge and direction as I navigate the confusing and sometimes overwhelming issues of elder care and end-of-life concerns.  I’m so grateful that God put her in my life, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of help in this area." - Lydia of Virginia, POA